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Our winery is located in the village of Avenale, a small hamlet outside of Cingoli in the Le Marche region of Italy. This area is perhaps better known as the "Balcony of Le Marche" due to its spectacular views towards the Adriatic coast.

The company was founded in 2011, with the desire to broaden the availability of our products, which, for decades, had only been available to our family and friends.

The appreciation of the quality of our products shown by our friends over time led us to invest in our products and especially our cherry wine, which, over the years had been the subject of a thorough and continuous refinement to achieve the right balance of flavours and achieve the quality and taste you deserve.

Gift Ideas

We produce hampers and gift packages for every occasion with the ability to integrate our products with other local craft specialties which vary according to time of year.

Respect for the environment

One of the choices that our company made very early on is that of having a very strong respect for the environment. This is done through small but, in our opinion, important attention to detail such as:

 1 . The water used to irrigate the new plantation of cherries and fruit trees is drawn, by electric pumps, from a small reservoir within our own grounds that is fed by a natural spring.

 2 . The electricity used at our laboratory/ processing plant, is produced by photovoltaic panels that produce clean energy.

 3 . All of the fertilisers that we use are of biological nature ;

 4 . The kernels of waste resulting from the processing of sour cherries, are reused to protect the roots of plants from the winter cold and to keep them cool in summer.



  • Antica Fattoria di Giovanni Togni (
  • Cantina Fattoria Duri (Cantina Fattoria Duri FB)
  • Premiata Cantina Bernabei
  • Apicoltura L’Ape Regina (FB)
  • Oleificio Valeri (
  • Ristorante La Cipolla D’Oro (
  • Vineria del Palazzo – Cingoli (MC)
  • Delizie Alimentari – Moie (AN)
  • Le Specialità – Jesi (AN)
  • Giaccaglia Emilio – Camerano (AN)
  • Agrimercato Coldiretti – Casette Verdini – Pollenza (MC)

B&B “La dolce Visciola”


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Loc. Santa Maria del Rango, 2/B
62011 CINGOLI (MC)


T: (+39) 340 46 91 187




Nero Visciola

The Prunus cerasus is a common plant in the Le Marche countryside and is better known as "sour cherry " .

Adapting to any type of soil and not needing special attention, this plant often grows in wild form.

Ancient tradition says that the fruit once collected is then fermented with wine and sugar, to get the very aromatic nectar that is Vino di Visciola .

Once harvested, the cherries are cleaned and washed before being mixed with wine and sugar in steel containers. Over time we have experimented with the recipe in order to achieve the right balance of flavours that has resulted in the perfect blend of flavours and aromas of Nero Visciola.

"NeroVisciola " is the name chosen for our product , resulting from the intense black colour that the cherries take on when they reach the perfect ripeness immediately prior to their collection, which takes place in the period between June and July.

Olive Oil

Our oil is obtained through the pressing of the olives produced exclusively in our own grove.

Our grove, located on a hill and therefore not exposed to moisture, is totally organic and, consequently, does not require any fungicide treatment.

After picking, the olives are then processed in local mills within 48 hours of their collection, using the ancient method of cold pressing .

Visciole al Sole

According to the traditional recipe, our sour cherries, once collected, are placed in glass containers along with sugar and exposed to the sun for the time required for fermentation to take place.

Sugar, sour cherries and slow exposure to the heat of the sun, are the only ingredients that allow us to ultimately obtain the unique flavour of this product - cherries dipped in a delicious syrup that can be enjoyed individually or as a topping to ice cream, panna cotta, yogurt or cakes.